Tide - _Passed By_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3.5 out of 5)
That a young band often tends to emulate (whether consciously or not) an established act is something any demo reviewer can tell you. For some, at an early stage that doesn't really make or break a band; the real test is whether they can grow out of that stage and into something more unique. Others will defend that originality is what counts most from the beginning, with any imperfections or lack of focus later to be ironed out. Tide are still at an early stage, and belong to the former group. As such, the obvious Paradise Lost connection should perhaps take a back seat in my review, leaving center stage for the rather good musicianship, production and even songwriting. Indeed, Tide convincingly show they can craft some very decent gothic metal, as evidenced by the chorus of opener "Stray", the adequate interplay of instruments, and the surprisingly assured performance of their vocalist. It's not all Paradise Lost, either; Tide already show signs of doing their own thing, and I wouldn't be surprised if they can keep progressing. Hopefully they will find more of an identity of their own, and also add a bit more grit to their sound; right now it lacks punch, but they can certainly string some melodies together.

Contact: deepwaterinn@hotmail.com

(article published 23/7/2005)

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