The Green Evening Requiem - _The Green Evening Requiem_
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 5)
The Green Evening Requiem is more than just a cool name; this time around the music supports the weight the band's name overwhelmingly implies. While still coming into their own, this Pennsylvania outfit puts forth a nearly sixty-minute demo that is bound to capture some attention. There is a stronger emphasis on style and writing compared to TGER's last demo. While this release ultimately incorporates the four tracks from the 2004 winter demo, the beginning five cuts are fresh and certainly showcase that The Green Evening Requiem has grown in form and technique. Still strong influences by Diabolical Masquerade, Katatonia and Opeth are present; TGER diverge more into the doom elemental realm with forceful communication through lyrics and vocal style on their newer material.

Starting things off on the right foot with "Atlantis in Winter", track one, these guys set the bar fairly high for the new cuts found on this demo. Positively complementing one another, the clean and harsh vocals enhance the style most artfully exhibited on the third cut from the demo, "The Salted Earth", complete with skilled guitar work and riffing. Their strongest tack would undoubtedly be the last of the new material on the demo, "Expiration" -- it embodies what TGER is capable of without a passing thought.

Generally stated, The Green Evening Requiem has a powerful thing going. The plaintive atmospheric lamenting and brashness of the material will carry them a long way. The basic challenge evident before this band is transcending the accepted status quo. When that comes to be, The Green Evening Requiem will no longer languish in anonymity, but rather rise to the heights of apparent underground acceptance and approbation.


(article published 18/7/2005)

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