Dechrist - _Strong Men on Drugs_
by: Brian Meloon (2 out of 5)
Dechrist are a Canadian two-piece, fronted by Maerk Asselin (vocals / guitars / bass) and featuring former Kataklysm drummer Martin Maurais. Their music is a fast and chaotic brand of death metal, somewhat similar to what I recall of Kataklysm's "northern hyper-blast". The music is almost all played at an extremely fast tempo. Some dynamics would be helpful to break things up a little, as right now, the music just drones on and on. The vocals are mainly screamed, but also growled at times, and could be a little louder in the mix. Of course, you can forget about understanding the lyrics.

The production is raw and noisy. You can hear the guitar riffs pretty well at times, but the rhythm section is generally a blur. Moreover, the drums seem too loud in the mix and the snare is hollow sounding and tends to drown everything out. The poor production combined with the speed of the music also makes it sound sloppy. In fact, because of the production, it's kind of hard to tell if it actually is sloppy or just sounds that way. My guess is that it's a little of both. They're playing the notes alright, but they're not very tight.

Although this release has eight tracks, it's really just four songs, which are repeated with and without vocals. I find the instrumental versions slightly better, as the vocals just make the music more chaotic and don't add anything to their sound. Ultimately, I find this recording tedious; however, those who are interested in a non-stop blastfest should find this right up their alley.


(article published 27/6/2005)

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