Carbomb - _Carbomb_
by: Brian Meloon (4 out of 5)
NYC's Carbomb features two members of Spooge, an eclectic metal band who released two incredible demos in the mid-90s. For this outing, they've teamed up with two members of Neck, a progressive hardcore band from Long Island. The end result is something very different from both bands. Carbomb's sound is a blend of the math/metalcore sound of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan with the syncopative, polymetric / polyrhythmic tightness of more metallic bands such as Meshuggah. Imagine Ion Dissonance with a tighter sound and you'll be in the right ballpark.

The vocals are generally shouted, with a few sections of other styles, including some whispered vocals and some acceptable clean singing. The music features lots of start/stop type rhythms. Perhaps a bit too much at times, as it really breaks up the flow of the songs. However, it's rhythmically very interesting, and the tightness of the band is impressive. The production is top notch, with a very clear and powerful sound. It's especially impressive considering that this demo was recorded in their home studio.

My major complaint is that this is a very short demo. The three songs last less than seven minutes total. It's unclear to me whether they'll be able to keep up this level of energy and quality for a whole album; but in any case, I'll be interested to hear them try.


(article published 27/6/2005)

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