Totally Fucking Gay - _With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?_
by: Brian Meloon (0 out of 5)
There is a well-known market for albums that are so bad they're funny, as the (relative) popularity of William Hung, William Shatner and Wesley Willis will attest. It would seem that this album is targeting the metal niche of that market. However, this album is so bad, it goes past the so-bad-it's-funny stage and right into so-bad-it's-really-really-bad. Their bio describes their music as "one part Mortician / Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and one part Depeche Mode / B-52's, structured in the most simple and catchy Green Day / Nirvana styled songs allowed by law". This is an overstatement, as they really don't have the talent of any of those bands. I'd describe them as cheesy keyboard and drum machine music with occasional blast beats and growly vocals, done with the compositional ability of Wesley Willis and the maturity of AC. This is totally fucking worthless.


(article published 23/5/2005)

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