Golgothian Denial - _The Reign of Hatred_
by: Brian Meloon (2 out of 5)
This demo is the first offering from Michigan's Golgothian Denial. Their music is death / thrash-based, with some elements of black metal and guitar spankoff. In particular, their image, the ultra-fuzzy and low-fi production, and their occasional use of a cheap-sounding keyboard are pretty standard for black metal. But their riffs wouldn't sound too out of place for a heavy thrash band with technical tendencies, and their regular use of harmonized guitar parts has more in common with guitar hero bands like Cacophony than any black metal band I'm familiar with.

The playing is hit-or-miss, with some impressive sections and some sloppy parts. Generally, the harmonized guitar melodies are done pretty well, but some of the leads are done in King / Hanneman style, and given the guitar tone, come off sounding cheesy. The vocals are a low, raspy but gruff style that is somewhere between death metal and black metal, without sounding really like either one.

All of this adds up to a pretty original sound, but one that I think will have a hard time finding an audience. It's too black metal for the guitar hero fans, and it's too guitar hero for the black metal fans. That said, I would enjoy it if it were (a lot) more refined. But the ultra-cheap sounding guitar and some of the weak-ass guitar solos don't really do much for me. On the other hand, my rating for this demo is perhaps a little unfair. The problems with this demo are fixable, so with some work, these guys could be good. But that's by no means certain, and while there is potential here, that's all it is at this stage.

Contact: http://www.golgothiandenial.cjb.net

(article published 23/5/2005)

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