Martial Barrage - _Hail the Valkelion_
by: T. DePalma (5 out of 5)
With the steady self-assured countenance of a military brigade, this demo introduces us to Martial Barrage, a very determined sounding three-piece out of Canada.

This is quality death metal, churning out thickly downtuned guitar melodies that glide lava-like under ferocious vocals, layered growls that seem to spit and vaporize in the air. Similar to _Onward to Golgotha_, these five tracks bloom with variation in descending chords that cyclone around a deluge of drums in fits streamlined annihilation and counterpoint rhythms panning into gallop and groove. Hardly satanic, the lyrics read like scrolls of a modern world devoured by war at every level; a breath of fresh air into the mix, but also a return to those fertile days of extermination at arm's length. Consider these abstract reflections an antidote for weary worlds.

A future full-length is expected on Sinister Sounds Inc.


(article published 27/4/2005)

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