Extinction Agenda - _Demo 2005_
by: T. DePalma (5 out of 5)
Similar to the way thrash metal has evolved in Australia and Canada into hybridized super-thrash with minute elements of both black and death metal, this US group unleashes a three track salvo of blazing speed and promise that bears its influence without kneeling to retro stupidity.

This band is actually only a two-piece as of now, featuring an ex-member of December Wolves on drums. Though I can't really make out the bass, the actual delivery here is full and the drums, vocals and guitars are balanced well in this filthy but pummeling sound, underlying a mephitic air within the music and the band's psycho-war lyrical explorations. I see them touting Znowhite of all fucking bands as influential on their site, but what manifests is closer to Razor or Voivod, keeping things fast with barbaric riffs (but not cheaply catchy) and some reserved leads here and there. Overall, this is some of best work I've heard yet in the twilight of cassette demos; they seem to take their craft seriously and are worth paying attention to for now.

Contact: http://exagenda.cjb.net

(article published 26/4/2005)

11/15/2006 T DePalma 5 Extinction Agenda - The Grace Defile
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