Equilibrium / Malevolent Sneaker Tooth - _Split Demo_
by: Jackie Smit (1.5 out of 5)
There's a lesson to be learned from this: when a band has recorded nearly ten minutes of what is essentially the same riff, I do not have the desire nor the inclination to want to listen to said opus, and thus the exercise of sending that recording to me for review is somewhat redundant. Equilibrium is a superb example of this; an entirely instrumental project supposedly dedicated to the spread of anti-human propaganda. Funny, I never realized that phrase was synonymous with boredom. Malevolent Sneaker Tooth fare no better; a one-man band that undo every ounce of promise that they may have built up on "Brainwaves" with the ultra-pretentious, ultra-dull "Wild Flossies". Proof, if any was needed, that marijuana's ability to spark plumes of creativity remains the exception rather than the rule.

Contact: paradisenoise@aol.com

(article published 19/4/2005)

3/10/2005 P Azevedo 7 Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr
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