Heruka Project - _Leaganda_
by: Jackie Smit (3.5 out of 5)
Judging by the number of demos I am being sent from there as of late, something sure has the Italian nation either very pissed off, very creative, or both. Unsurprisingly, this recent surge of activity certainly has not been without its fair share of throwaway toddle, but likewise there's talent a-plenty in the land of fine food and fine women. Heruka Project straddle the centre post between the two extremes for the most part, blending pseudo-symphonic black metal of the Cradle of Filth variety with harsher, more abrasive passages not unlike those found on the last Drudkh record. Subsequently all this makes for a rather uneven listen, depending on your taste. Me, I prefer my black metal harsh and relentless, as my unceasingly boundless enthusiasm for the last Marduk album so clearly illustrates; and while Heruka Project does not lack extremity by any means, it simply has not evolved to the level yet where it makes me want to sit up and take notice.

Contact: http://www.heruka.it

(article published 19/4/2005)

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