Cryonic - _Distorted Fantasies_
by: Jackie Smit (3.5 out of 5)
Name-dropping acts like Skinny Puppy, Christian Death and latter-day Mortiis ought to illustrate quite clearly what to expect from this electro-goth outfit -- but far from being just another PVC-clad bunch of wannabes, Cryonic are actually pretty damn good at what they do. After a superbly crafted introduction sets the tone, the recording's lead tracks, "Mute" and "Artificial Dreams", more than aptly demonstrate the ability of a band who are a cut above many of their fellows in the race for that ever-elusive contract. Indeed, were it not for the hackneyed and amateurish ballad tacked on to end of this demo, it might have been in the running for a nearer perfect score. So to the band, I say: do us all a favour next time guys, and stick to what you do best.


(article published 2/4/2005)

5/28/2003 D Rocher 4 Cryonic - Digital Encryption
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