Cold Grows the Season - _Winds of Remembrance_
by: T. DePalma (2.5 out of 5)
Florida based Cold Grows the Season offer this three minute song to promote an upcoming thirty-minute full length. It's a little bit odd for a young group to contribute only a single finished track in place of an actual demo, especially when the whole work is apparently not long in coming anyway. Obviously doing so allows for a judgment based on limited information regarding the flexibility and breadth of the project in question. The featured song, "Winds of Remembrance", is compact with the ghostly yawn of keyboards ushering in a verse of jagged vocal rhythm and ornamental pinch harmonics. This combination creates a half-industrial feel though the style is rooted more in the structural death/doom mode; modulating guitar scales alongside impressive throat growls. Even still, it's not as atmospheric as it may like to be and the break seems a bit premature. The production here doesn't put much behind the performance, as the guitar frequently overtakes the keys while the bass is indiscernible. This creates a void or imbalance that further undermines the potential strength of the composition. I would personally still be interested in hearing more from this band based on these factors. At the same time this promo amounts to only a lukewarm ellipsis.


(article published 21/2/2005)

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