In Grey - _MMIV_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
The year 2004 just couldn't end without a new demo CD from these prolific Swedes. Having just released their debut _Sulphur Tears_ via Last Entertainment Productions, In Grey are now back to the drawing board with this new demo, _MMIV_. Featuring a new vocalist and a somewhat different approach, _MMIV_ is comprised of four professionally recorded tracks -- and by "professionally" I mean Daniel Bergstrand had a hand in the mixing. The resulting sound is expectably top drawer as far as demos go, but the guitars and drums should have been beefed up a bit more. Still, this new approach does give In Grey's new frontman center stage, with his voice becoming the true centerpiece of the band's sound. The vocals will appeal more to those with a taste for things gothic and doomy, and generally work well with the music. This isn't to say there is nothing on In Grey's music for the metal fan, though clearly there is little aggression or real impact to be found on _MMIV_. I would have liked the music to focus less on being catchy and accessible, but In Grey have always displayed that tendency; nevertheless they are good at what they do, and achieve a number of quality passages. Overall the band also seems a bit less derivative of bigger acts this time, and while this demo shines more for its professionalism than any breathtaking displays of technicality or inspiration, it remains a very solid base for the band to build upon with this new line-up.


(article published 31/1/2005)

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