Of Infinity - _The Essence of Infinity_
by: Brian Meloon (3.5 out of 5)
Of Infinity have bounced around a little bit over the last couple years, calling at times Utah, Arkansas and Pennsylvania home. But they seem to have settled down in Texas now, and are focused on developing their own unique sound. The style they display on this demo is heavily inspired by Lacuna Coil and similar female-fronted bands. Each of the three songs features a mix of guitar-based and keyboard-based sections. The integration and interplay between the instruments is very good, and the transitions between the heavier and lighter sections seem quite natural. The songs here also show a good amount of diversity, as each has a distinct sound, but all three are tied together by a single underlying foundation.

Yet the band still has some work to do before they can make it to the next level. One hurdle they'll have to overcome is an occasional lack of originality. More than once while listening to these songs, I came across a passage that reminded me strongly of another band. Also, there are a few minor issues that a more polished band wouldn't have: a few vocals seem out of tune, some of the lyrics are sung awkwardly, and so on. But the most serious problem I have with this demo is the guitar solos. Aside from being mixed too loud and not played particularly well, the solos are too stylistically loud and simply don't fit the music. In my opinion, a more subdued and refined approach is necessary for these songs.

Thankfully, the guitar solos are few and far between, and generally the guitars are well done. Ultimately, this is a promising offering. Fans of female-fronted metal should enjoy it, but others probably won't find anything here that will change their mind about the genre.

Contact: http://www.ofinfinity.com

(article published 31/1/2005)

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