Biolich - _Promo 2004_
by: T. DePalma (5 out of 5)
This latest sampling from Long Island, NY's procreant demophiles is a seasonally poetic mix capturing a refinement of old styles and current evolution within three tracks of electronic grind mutation. Though Biolich's roots are most enduringly presented in the form of their human / polar bear vocalist, for some time now the band has been mostly an appellative familiar to Finnish cult Demilich, as the musical focus still lays on the guitar's tendrilous melody with cross-bred riffs of hardcore and death-groove creating a limbo between various underground currents. Proving to be more experimental beyond the group's usual thematic the second track, "Stol Vapre" unites the disc with a purely instrumental flow of soft keyboard notes that echo like crystal drops of dew in a post storm silence broken by ambient loops that move the piece along in mechanical allegory. There's a distinct Björk influence to this track, and the somberness evokes an elegy -- a point suggested even further by the lyrics, which are printed as a kind of internal meditation linked to the music itself. These songs serve as a deliciously abstract precursor as the band finally begins recording their first album and hint at an even more subliminal apocalypse fuelled by betrayal of the species.


(article published 6/12/2004)

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