Terror Ascends - _Of Dark Descent_
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 5)
As happens from time to time with the massive amount of material flooding the underground, some recognizable some obscure, a rather numbness sets in. Reviewers and listeners alike become rather disinterested or complacent with bands reliably recording the same albums with each and every effort. Some twist it here, some flavor it there, with only minor modifications to speed, structure or length. Once and awhile an act stands out among the crowd. Terror Ascends is one of these bands. While just over seven minutes in duration, this southern Virginia trio have released a demo that exhibits an energy quickly recognizable as a gift for the extreme. Morbid Angel, Vader, Sinister and maybe even Deicide spring to mind when taking in what Terror Ascends is putting out there. Very appropriate multi-expressional vocals lay thick on the substantive meat 'n' potatoes of this band's delivery. Sterthanas Infernal incorporates a low-end guttural technique primarily seasoned with a less excessive serpentine delivery reminiscent of Epoch of Unlight's vocal style. Instrument separation displays another strong suit for TA. Not relying solely on speed, the bass and drum playing are able to share center stage periodically. Decent tempo changes and a harmonious blending of rhythm and power, this outfit is more than capable of keeping any fan's attention, albeit only for just over the seven minutes the demo unfolds. Having witnessed bands come and go, I would be willing wager, given the means and motivation, Terror Ascends could develop their ability to captivate a listener throughout an entire full-length effort. "Of Dark Descent" and "Compulsion to Kill", as you might guess, eulogize profanely the fury and wrath of any blackened / death metal group worth their salt -- nothing new there. Can't win them all, but for this infinitesimal peek into the music for a wanton world, Terror Ascends rises to the challenge. Putting aside the trite subject matter of their lyrical content and brevity of this demo, how far they'll climb might just be limited by their own aspirations.

Contact: http://www.terrorascends.com

(article published 11/8/2004)

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