The Green Evening Requiem - _The Green Evening Requiem_
by: Aaron McKay (2 out of 5)
Hints of Opeth dance with wild abandon on this self-titled demo from Philadelphia's own, The Green Evening Requiem. For starters, this outfit does place more of an emphasis on the harsher vocal style here than most of Mikael Akerfeldt's work, but the cleaner sung lyrics do infiltrate all four tracks in delicate form. This can be heard nowhere better than on the second cut off the demo, "Dawn". This track also has the distinction of offering an inspiring outlay of talent as well. Picking up the tempo around the three minute mark, "Dawn" definably lays waste to all serenity, but then regroups and manufactures a finely laced, mood-induced surreal soundscape.

Most of TGER's material is geared toward enhancing an overall atmosphere. Emotionally speaking, this band is not understated or docile in their approach to song writing in order to conceptualize their sonic vision; at times running a Diabolical Masquerade feel through their material like a current. Maybe it is the Katatonia connection that can be felt here. What is meant by that is Blakkheim has an ability to coerce both stark and subtle qualities into roles with bands embracing his versatility. At times, so does TGER.

Slightly over twenty-five minutes in length, this demo is deep with competence and mastery. The Green Evening Requiem, however, appear to prefer a more well-traversed path -- that path being one of forsaking a certain Byzantine boldness for the stability of their influences. It is prudent to lean on the support of those that inspire you, but to forge your own path is a reward unto itself. Given time, a firm line-up and proper motivation, The Green Evening Requiem has within itself the capacity to make brand their mark. Until then, "Tomorrow Is Just Another Day".


(article published 12/7/2004)

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