Corrupted Mutation - _The Exordium_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 5)
One in a series of demos released on CD-R by Portuguese label Dungeons Records, Corrupted Mutation play a kind of blackened metal with melodic leanings, occasionally bringing to mind the very early work of Dark Tranquillity, and do it reasonably well for a demo. Taking into consideration that this is only a duo, with one member responsible for vocals and lyrics and the other for all instruments (the drumming sounds artificial, by the way), then a bit more appreciation starts to develop for this demo. The production is adequate, and while the playing is not always tight, Corrupted Mutation still string together a few good passages into what turns out to be a rather decent demo -- never mind an atrocious passage or two, like the (probably intentional) beginning and end of instrumental "Disarmonic Agony". There is still plenty of work to be done here, but some promise can be found in what Corrupted Mutation have achieved so far.


(article published 19/6/2004)

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