World of Shit - _World of Shit_
by: Aaron McKay (2.5 out of 5)
When Chronicles of Chaos was contacted by World of Shit about reviewing their demo, an assumption was made that there was current material to peddle. As things turn out, the only date found on this self-titled effort is one from the recording of these five tracks found here: September of 2002. Having said that, this duo is an interesting outfit. Eric (guitars and additional vocals) resides in Chicago, while Mat (drums and vocals) hangs his hat in Berlin, Germany; I'm guessing rehearsals must be a real bitch! Including their name, World of Shit makes it their sole ambition to get straight to the point, seemingly without the use of a bass guitar. The songs on this demo are direct and filled with forceful blast beats and intense riffing, with appropriate solos to complement the hasty feel. "Servant", track five, is probably the best representation of WoS's potential. "Servant" feeds on a Hate Eternal ambiance with severe riff-packed ability. The CD inlay states World of Shit reunite about every two years to "shit out a demo"; defecation also seems to be a high priority to these guys. Polishing (if you can use that world when referencing a band named World of Shit) the hard to decipherer lines between the instrumentation, where the guitars blur into the percussion frequently, and underscoring the gruff vocals would sure make a difference in the studio next time around. The twelve minutes offered here aren't tough to stomach, just less-than-electrifying. As a passing thought, couldn't you just see WoS a hitting the road with Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus and maybe A.C.? Imagine reading that on the civic center marquee... Live in concert, the Peachypalooza tour!


(article published 16/6/2004)

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