Civil Unrest - _Civil Unrest_
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 5)
It is evident that this quintet takes their chosen craft seriously; in the case of Civil Unrest, that spells out some finely tuned offerings. With an underutilized Epoch of Unlight vocal approach, this Oceanside, California five-piece work in a nice complement of some spoken lyrics on occasion that accent the overall guttural and strained serpentine style. Frequent, but not abused, change-ups are worked into the generally heavy temperament of Civil Unrest's honed sound. Throughout the nearly twenty minutes on the band's five tracks offered on this demo, the direct, yet enraged attitude exhibited here drive home the full impact purposefully and without remorse. Professional and well suited for their calling, Civil Unrest seems to have amassed a solid following in the Golden State; they now seek to broaden that reach. Not extreme, but provoking, these guys have miles to travel in order to separate themselves from the forgettable heard of today's scene. Their potential is apparent. A well-suited adjustment might prove helpful to highlight the dual vocal attack. The understated musical intervals, for effect, might be another area to consider forcing to the forefront as it complements the tone quite well and has the added benefit of making the larger atmosphere of brutality that much more devastating. Combined with what sounds like strong production on this demo, Civil Unrest can claim to carry forth the metal banner with pride.


(article published 7/6/2004)

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