Darcane - _Anamorphica_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3.5 out of 5)
Darcane are Finnish and play melodic heavy metal -- let's get that clear from the beginning to avoid any confusion with the Swedish Darkane. The music is based on heavy metal riffing, topped by a vocalist who has the sort of half-gruff singing characteristic of James Hetfield (which isn't quite the only Metallica connection that comes to mind over the course of this demo). Singer and band mastermind Tommy Dee keeps things a bit more melodic than Hetfield though, and his somewhat odd singing style can actually become pretty catchy if you get into it. The band (who have changed their name from a lousy Holochaust to an unoriginal Darcane) continue to produce unassuming, enjoyable songs that stick to the ear pretty well, and still come across as influenced by bands like Metallica and Sentenced. This demo is a bit better than the two Holochaust demos I reviewed, but despite the name change it's now the third release in a row where I've mentioned the same influences and the same problems with their sound: it's not very original, and while the songs are catchy they also go away pretty fast. The first time I heard these guys they were showing potential, but after hearing three demos, all I can say is that they are in fact improving, but they're just not going anywhere very remarkable with their music.

Contact: http://www.darcane.com

(article published 27/5/2004)

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