Nocta - _Come Out (Wherever You Are)_
by: James Montague (2.5 out of 5)
From reading their biography, it seems Athenian quintet Nocta are a band that struggled to find their true identity in the early days, a desire for recognition and popularity conflicting with a rejection of pop music's flippancy. Not surprisingly, their music doesn't wander anywhere near the extreme fringes of metal, where people like us have made our home. _Come Out (Wherever You Are)_ is essentially a blend of '70s heavy metal and modern rock. The first four Black Sabbath albums are an obvious point of comparison, and this demo's opening track, "Wicked Woman", certainly elicits memories of a similarly-named Sabbath track.

Although the demo is a little tame for my tastes, the nostalgia does compensate, and the songwriting is certainly accomplished. The vocalist gave up a career with a popular Greek rock band to lend his excellent singing voice to Nocta, and the lead guitarist displays good technique and melodic sensibility. The overall package is polished yet tasteful, with just the occasional dose of grit. I can't really pick any weakness in the band -- it's just not really my cup of tea. Nocta is certainly a name to look out for if you're after a mellow dose of old-school hard rock.


(article published 18/5/2004)

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