Demontage - _Madness Disease_
by: Aaron McKay (2 out of 5)
Upon initial spins, this three piece from Toronto Canada spawned visions of the Chicago outfit Cianide and their bottom heavy offering _The Dying Truth_. Quickly, this pans out to be an unfair parallel to draw. Demontage's offers a mix of self-professed "black heavy metal" exploring the highly abused themes of "satanic rites, beer and the undead, and most importantly humanity's bleak and abysmal future" -- all this done through the band's admittedly "sarcastic and callous" manner all throughout the demo. Comprised of Spatilomantis (guitar and vocals), Abominatrix (drums) and Tem├╝jin (bass), Demontage has real stoner metal feel to their '80s throwback style on this eclectic nearly forty minute demo. Wisely, these Canadians are searching for a full-time growler to carry the torch vocally and allow Spatilomantis to turn his full attention to guitar duties. While the protracted guitar passage on the last track of the demo, "Human Altruistic Relinquishment Machine" (where do these song titles come from?!) is an attention-getting outro of sorts, the vocals on this effort scream for some real refinement or outside expertise. As one might expect, the production is fairly harsh ("Retroexorcism" was written and recorded with the aid of a personal computer) and the cover art is more-or-less sophomoric in concept. A key to Demontage's achievement may reside in the ability to secure a skilled vocalist to communicate a more inspired set of lyrical content.


(article published 19/4/2004)

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