Before the Rain - _...And With the Day Dying Light_
by: James Montague (3.5 out of 5)
Those of you still mourning the death of In the Woods... have probably invested many a wasted dollar in the search for a replacement. Many of those cash cows (heifers, more like) have silly names like Beyond the Dusk, After the Dawn, or When Sleet Turns to Snow. Before the Rain keeps this daft tradition alive, but is the first band I've heard that might -- just might -- have the potential to fill the massive hole left by the Norwegian crackpots.

This Portuguese quintet came to being in 1997, as an acoustic duo. They decided to go electric to get the full weight required for a proper feeling of doom; unfortunately they also discovered a love of noisy guitar feedback that blights the recording from time to time. Most of the pieces are in place, though: thoughtful, melancholy lead guitar; competent clean vocals that ocassionally overdo the woe-is-me factor (but wasn't this also one of In the Woods...' guilty displeasures?); and a generally slow pace. Occasionally the band will throw in a crushing riff and some death growls -- just to get the blood pumping again -- but these three lengthy songs are decidedly down-tempo, and not too heavy for the most part.

Quite an impressive blend of soul and grunt, Beyond the Rain is one to look out for if you're into melodic doom... and you-know-who.


(article published 29/2/2004)

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