Artificium Sanguis - _Ye Olde Demo Taype_
by: Adrian Magers (4 out of 5)
Just looking at the cover piece, the song titles and the logo itself one assumes this to be modern, raw, "true" old school-styled black metal. While Artificium Sanguis do build from a base of the first wave of the Norwegian sound, their best moments are when they're allowing the venomous edge of black metal they employ to mingle with parts which share a great deal in common with early American death and late thrash. The three songs featured on _Ye Olde Demo Taype_ are all well done, but in my opinion, I think the band should go more out on a limb; according to their website, the members of Artificium Sanguis listen to a lot more than just black metal, and I think that by incorporating even more elements from around the musical realm into their sound they could put out a very solid full-length release when the time comes. However, this is not to take away from the talent that is already evident, just a suggestion from myself. Those strict on sound quality would do well to avoid this recording, as it's intentionally been given a very rough production job (in the liner notes, it specifically states "not produced"), but those into grim BM exhibiting open minds may find a few things they like about Artificium Sanguis. I know I did.


(article published 26/12/2003)

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