Goldenpyre - _Necroterrorism_
by: Alvin Wee (3.5 out of 5)
By no means hot off the press, but well worth a peek at for traditional death metal maniacs nonetheless. This Portuguese quintet confidently spew forth four chunks of simple, grinding death in the most beloved of old-school Scandinavian traditions. As is often the case in this genre, _Necroterrorism_ offers nothing particularly earth-shaking to jaded ears, and the largely pedestrian material even borders on the tiresome at times. However, old-timers will find themselves inexplicably drawn to the archaic sounds of death reminiscent of old At the Gates and even Cadaver. The production, while solid, is just fuzzy enough to carry off that early-'90s vibe and adds a considerable amount of character to the disc. In an age where hyper-brutal death like Krisiun rules, Goldenpyre have the distinction of sticking to their roots, and doing it damned well too.


(article published 16/3/2003)

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