Holochaust - _Valley of Misery_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
The computer-generated woman wearing a skimpy bikini on this disc's front cover is hardly Lara Croft's better-looking sister... and Holochaust are hardly Sentenced's more talented countrymates. This doesn't mean that _Valley of Misery_ is a mediocre demo, however, nor that Holochaust are complete copycats, despite the occasional similarities. The gruff sung vocals and rocking metal attitude successively bring to my mind Metallica and especially Sentenced throughout the demo, which features a mellow ballady track and two more dynamic ones. Although Holochaust are obviously no match for the talent and personality of the highly effective Sentenced, they have nonetheless managed to create a nicely flowing, rocking demo CD. The band is technically proficient and tight, and the demo is surprisingly well produced -- well above average for a demo band on both counts. Style-wise, this mostly upbeat kind of rock/metal is not quite my cup of tea; I definitely prefer Sentenced's darker "suicide rock" approach, and at times Holochaust sound like they could use some more originality (the end of the title track chorus is just like Sentenced's "With Bitterness and Joy"). Nevertheless, this a good effort, well above average for a demo, and the band deserves credit for it.

Contact: holochaust@sinisetsie.net

(article published 19/10/2001)

7/3/2002 P Azevedo 3 Holochaust - Holochaust
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