Mithras - _Dreaming in Splendour_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 5)
They may have changed their name from Imperator since their _Gods Among Men_ demo [CoC #46], but their goal still remains the same: to create what they describe as "brutal, experimental, epic death metal". With a massive Morbid Angel influence, I might add. Last time around the band was seeking a new drummer; however, founding member Leon Macey is the one behind the drums on _Dreaming in Splendour_, and I feel they -still- need to look for a new drummer to get some real consistency into their tempos. Nevertheless, _DiS_ is certainly an improvement over _GAM_: the songwriting is less drawn out, more concise, the instrumental side is generally better and the death grunts sound quite competent, if generic. Mithras now need to become a tighter unit and shake off this Morbid Angel shroud they carry around, in the process hopefully creating some more impressive riffs as well. Mithras show they have been working hard, and apparently they have an entire album ready for recording; whilst I think it might be somewhat early for that, I'm pleased to see Mithras improving and it might not be long before they are indeed ready for the next step in their career. For now, however, I would still recommend some more maturing a bit more before moving on.


(article published 13/5/2001)

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