Aurora - _Promo 2001_
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 5)
Following the demise of their label Serious Entertainment, Aurora are now seeking a new home. This demo CD therefore contains four tracks which they hope will help them secure a new deal, and for me constitutes a more than welcome surprise after their superb _Devotion_ [CoC #49], which I elected my favourite record of 2000. I entirely expected being treated to another dose of excellent technical, emotional extreme metal, but I was wondering whether the production would be up to par -- fortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, it sounds just like _Devotion_, i.e. clear, sharp and powerful. As for the four songs on display, Aurora simply continue to demonstrate how extensively they master their art, again adding well thought-out songwriting to superb technical skills. The first three songs are all normal Aurora material, mixing dynamic extreme metal with anguished Swedish-sounding vocals and more subdued sections with tortuous clean vox -- memorable, powerful and emotional. I have compared them to Opeth and Dark Tranquillity's _The Gallery_ before, and the comparison still sounds valid to me, even if ultimately these are just influences and these Danes definitely have their own unique sound -- which makes it all the more worthwhile. Fourth and final track "Chains of God", however, is rather different, as Aurora explore their very doomy, tensely tranquil side before exploding onto one final burst of aggression. Overall, surely demo CDs can't come any more brilliant than this. This ought to be such a quick signing that they should already have a label by the time this review comes out, but just in case there's something wrong with all the labels out there and no one's picked them up yet, I'll put it this way to try and get my point across clearly: if -I- had a label, I'd do all I could to make sure I signed Aurora.


(article published 13/5/2001)

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