Unevil Hopes - _Pretranscendental_
by: Adrian Bromley (2 out of 5)
Having just reviewed the band's split demo with Bealiah [CoC #49], I kind of knew what to expect with this keyboard-oriented, atmospheric act. I must admit this work is a bit better, maybe a bit more focused than the last record or an older review I did [_As the Light Crushed the Darkness_ demo in CoC #46], but it still sounds like something Burzum would be working on. The music is simple, but effective at times, managing to stay true to the pattern of ideas it sets out to bring forth with the music. While I now have a few demos of this band lying around, I can say that even all of the work combined doesn't really make a solid work to play on your stereo. The ideas are there, I just think the Unevil Hopes needs to shape the emotions a bit tighter and aim for something really lasting. Lacklustre work like this goes unnoticed most of the time, so I think the band is lucky we here at CoC at least give it a chance.

Contact: Unevil Hopes, 28/4 Marata, St. Petersburg 191040, Russia

(article published 10/1/2001)

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