Sirius - _... The Eclipse_
by: Nuno Almeida (5 out of 5)
Let me start this review by saying that this release blew me away! It's very hard to find a new band achieving this kind of quality in such a short amount of time. _... The Eclipse_ is Sirius' second release, after an instrumental promo version of "Fiery Strife at the Cosmic Gates of Armageddon", released a few months ago. Although clearly influenced by the likes of early Emperor, Setherial's _Nord..._ and Limbonic Art, Sirius don't follow the copycat approach that is so common nowadays. Instead, they picked the best parts of Emperor's and Setherial's frozen landscapes, Limbonic Art's majestic symphonies, injected them with their own style and created the best demo I've listened to in years! The music is very fast and very tight most of the time, with agonizing high-pitched screams from Lord Gornoth, interluded with slower acoustic guitar and clean/whispered vocals. Keyboards play a major role in Sirius' music, as beautiful orchestrations and melodies flow throughout the entire demo. After "Fiery Strife..." and "Out of the Serpent Line" comes a beautiful instrumental synth piece, "The Quest for Dreamfore Essence", and "Unveiled the Path of Algol, the Riddles Beyond the Stars", the demo's best track, in my opinion. The production is the only flaw, but it's quite acceptable for a demo. Having been released by Andromeda Creations, who already carry Angrenost under their wing, is almost enough proof of Sirius' quality. Killer release!

Contact: Carl Draconiis, Quinta das Flores, Lt 12, 6C,

(article published 13/2/1999)

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