In Grey - _Seasons Change_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Though Sweden is easily one of the most productive countries nowadays as far as metal is concerned, gothic metal has never been a genre Sweden has been renowned for. In Grey are one of the bands who struggle against that situation, and they have been doing that for quite a while now -- since 1992, _Seasons Change_ already being their fourth studio recording and possibly their last independent release. Not that there is anything mindblowing about it, it's just that the band already shows signs of enough professionalism and musical quality to justify a label deal. Though not innovative, _Seasons Change_ still provides an entertaining listen; some of the second track, "In Heaven", brings to mind Anathema's latest works, and those specific sections are quite well done. This isn't to say that there aren't some bland riffs or rather average passages here, but In Grey usually manage to come up with something that will carry the song onward quite well most of the time, usually a more melancholic guitar or keyboard passage or a more atmospheric part. All the band members play very competently throughout the demo (not that the music is ever very complex anyway) and the clean vocals are generally good (especially the spoken parts). Complete with a nice cover and with the CD-R recording providing some help for the very decent production, _Seasons Change_ is a good demo from a band that seems quite serious about their music and has its share of talent. They still need to focus it better to make a more consistent record -- mainly improve the more metallic side of the guitar work and keep a stronger feeling throughout the whole record instead of throwing in more "rocking" tracks such as "Like This", which isn't a bad track in itself --, but _Seasons Change_ is nevertheless quite enjoyable and unusually well performed for a demo.

Contact: Dennis Liljedahl, Uttinivagen 3, 129 38 Hagersten, Sweden

(article published 12/8/1999)

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