Inchtimer - _Inchtimer_
by: (3 out of 5)
What we have here is a very clear, well packaged and produced demo with what I would have to call thumpin' low end work more or less spotlighted. In other words, the bass playing is hands-down a strong selling point for Inchtimer. The drumming and guitar are extremely appropriate for Inchtimer's straightforward "stripped" honest metal sound. The vocals play very well into this aforementioned description, but I assure you that you've heard a similar vocal approach elsewhere; however, by the same token, it draws nothing away from what Inchtimer is accomplishing on this demo. "Pull Bright", the second track of five on this nineteen minute release, has some excellent coordination between the members of this purposely unhinged, but nonetheless tight, three piece unit from Minnesota. I understand that the group plays quite extensively throughout the Midwest, so give 'em some support if you happen to see Inchtimer listed on a venue roster anywhere near you or feel free to contact them at:

Contact: Inchtimer c/o The Bunker, 2645 First Avenue South,

(article published 15/6/1999)

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