Aghora - _1998 demo_
by: Brian Meloon (5 out of 5)
"Aghora" is a Sanskrit term for "light, the absence of darkness". Knowing this gives you a good idea of what Aghora, the band, sounds like. The best comparison I can draw is to the first Portal demo. If you haven't heard that, imagine a lighter version of Cynic with a female singer who gives the music a touch of The Gathering at times. Aghora's music is about the same heaviness as The Gathering, but it has the technicality and mystical/Indian influences of Cynic. It is quite complex, but the song structures belie this complexity. It is quite possible to think that the music is simple after a first listen. There are often several ideas layered on top of each other, each carrying its own time signature. However, unlike Don Caballero's _What Burns Never Returns_ [CoC #38], these parts combine into a cohesive whole, instead of having a dissonant and abstract sound. The musicianship displayed on this demo is very impressive. The female vocals are outstanding, showing an excellent range. The drumming (courtesy of ex-Cynic drummer Sean Reinert) is excellent, as is the guitar work. There are several guitar solos and instrumental sections, but the solos are always tasteful and add something to the song, instead of being pointless wankery (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is truly an excellent demo, and these guys should appeal to fans of both Cynic and the Gathering. Aghora have recently signed a deal with Sensory Records (who put out the Gordian Knot CD), and hopefully will have a full length CD out sometime in the Spring of 2000.

Contact: Aghora, P.O. Box 165503, Miami, FL, 33116-5503, USA

(article published 15/6/1999)

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