Infestation - _Curse of Creation_
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 5)
Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is Infestation from the UK and, to my knowledge, have no connection to Mike DiSalvo's (currently of Cryptopsy) old band. With formalities aside, I can say with conviction that this is the single most promising death metal demo I have heard this year. I don't know where this band have been hiding, but it is time for them to come out into the cold light of day and show the world what they can do. Bits of Cryptopsy, old Hypocrisy and various other bands show up within the songs which make up _Curse of Creation_'s eighteen odd minutes, but without due or undue plagiarism of style or content. A visceral but adequately clear production gives the band the finely sharpened knife edge they need to work their brutal, vicious magic on their unsuspecting listener. I don't hear the next Cynic or Nocturnus emerging yet, but I do hear a brutal and creative band capable of great progression and ascension within a scene where even survival is tough. Infestation deserve your attention and you'd be a fool to pass up a release as worthy as _Curse of Creation_ for your first taste of their music.

Contact: Infestation, 22, SM6 9DN, England

(article published 16/1/1999)

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