Abjathar - _Nothing Undamaged_
by: Alex Cantwell (3 out of 5)
A somewhat impressive effort from this Belgian quartet. In short, it is well-executed death metal built upon simple song structures and using very basic riffs, but since it is so well played and put together, it proves to be a solid foundation from which they can build. Lyrically, five of the six songs are instances of woe, ending with a final line of redemption, but hilariously juvenile in places ("I'm wearing black clothes all day, my back is full of inflammations") from "Confession of Guilt", and especially the closing track "Beware of the Black", which keeps referring to a party known only as "they", whose identity remains undisclosed. Who is it? Evildoers? The big black dogs next door? Come on, let's not be vague and generic, guys.

Contact: Abjathar, Achaje Huysmans, Owenslei 37, 2400 Mol, Belgium

(article published 16/1/1999)

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