Iron Rainbow - _Never Settle for Less Than Metal_
by: Ryan Kriste (4 out of 5)
It's 1983 and I've just received a very cool demo from Iron Rainbow. Straight metal, culled from the likes of the last remaining NWOBHM bands. Lyrics warning against evil -- or is it promoting evil? It's so subtle (for metal) that you just don't know. The types of riff that will undoubtedly be used by Manowar on their upcoming album _Hail to England_, most probably on the track "Army of the Immortals". OK, so it's not 1983, but so what? If something works, don't fix it! This is the way metal was supposed to sound! The tape title got me thinking (scary thing) -- WHY do I try to find something good in an album that obviously was not made by a metalhead? If it's crap, it's crap; end of story. Iron Rainbow are not crap, end of story. If you are a metalhead, you will feel the power emanating from Iron Rainbow's sixteen minute, three track tape.

Contact: Bad Posture, P.O.Box 932, Middle Island, NY 11953, USA

(article published 1/9/1998)

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