Odium - _Factor of Tantrum_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
A fine demo made of Swedish death metal here. The songs work well, the band is technically competent and the demo is well produced. This isn't quite the currently thriving melodic, more technical style, though; Odium play a more 'classic' kind of Swedish death. Need I mention names? Well, they remind me of early Edge of Sanity at times, but I could mention several others. However, Odium don't really sound like any particular band; rather, what causes their somewhat 'standard' Swedish death metal sound is that they just don't add much to what's been done in that style before. Lacking innovation, they fortunately don't lack the ability to play quality death metal, and that's what counts most here.

Contact: Chrille Ludvigsson, Vattugatan 15 b

(article published 13/4/1998)

5/19/1999 N Almeida 9 Odium - The Sad Realm of the Stars
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