Vorpal Bunny - _Reign Of The Lupus_
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 5)
Oh, the mayhem! Oh, the madness! Not since my last encounter with anyone of Bill Sannwald's projects (Amish Mafia, Thought Masticator, etc...) have I been so intensely into a demo tape. This shit is warped beyond belief. A mixture of all types of music all rolled into one huge, massive noisefest. A two-man outfit (Jeff Phillips and Brian Heubner), Vorpal Bunny goes for the jugular with its sadistic onslaught of music anarchy. Imagine, if you will, a demo tape that successfully blends together black metal, grindcore, gabba techno music and death metal into a 6-song demo tape. Believe me, I was in disbelief too, but thoroughly pleased with the end results. Slap onto that musical heap a large amount of movie clip sound bites and the music from Vorpal Bunny grows moreso into an out of control freakoid machine. The only setback of this recording, and it actually doesn't affect the tape much, is the 4-track production. But I guess you gotta start somewhere, right? Also, I'm wondering if this "bunny/hare" theme will run out of ideas should this band get somewhere. I mean, you can only spend so much time writing songs titled "Fluffy's Revenge", "Reign of the Lupus" and "Beaten Is the Hare". This demo reads like a bad B-movie but ends up winning my respect.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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