Gandalf - _Snakebite_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
Another band that use In Flames as an influence (see Coarse demo review), the difference between Gandalf and the aforementioned band is that Gandalf is actually listenable. Effectively using twin guitars to their advantage to create some cool melodies, they create some excitement since the drummer, for the most part, is lackluster and doesn't do a great job in mixing up the beats. The leads are quite well done, and Jari Hurskainen's vocals do a lot for the band and are in the screeching range of (who else?) In Flames! When coming up with a mark, I settled on only a 3. I don't see any reason to give it anything higher that that. Yes, the musicians are talented, and yes, the music is cool. But why buy something that sounds like In Flames when you can go out and ACTUALLY BUY In Flames!!??!! You'll get much more out of _The Jester Race_ or the newly released _Whoracle_ than you will out of _Snakebite_. Also worthy of note is that this demo was released in 1996, so Gandalf may now sound like a completely different band!

Contact: GANDALF, P.O. Box 52, 00941 Helsinki, FINLAND

(article published 10/3/1998)

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