Coarse - _Downwards_
by: Adam Wasylyk (1 out of 5)
The opening riff to track #1 on _Downwards_ just SCREAMS In Flames, but when the vocals kick in, you wonder "why did the band go out and do that??" Vocalist Nico just ruined any potential enjoyment I could have got from this band; he sings so plainly that I found myself reaching for the stop button almost a minute into the first song! You can most certainly hear the In Flames influence in the guitars (and perhaps some Iron Maiden as well), but it's the only aspect of Coarse that I found appealing. I don't care who disagrees, but you can't like a band based on music alone. Vocals are vital; they are not only the backbone but they represent the personality of the band. You ask, "what is the personality of Coarse?" "Who cares," I answer, "get back to listening to REAL metal and stop asking stupid questions!".

(article published 10/3/1998)

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