Necrosis - _Disconnected 1997_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
This European act believes highly in bringing out many styles in their music. In just the three tracks found on this demo, the band has managed to showcase hardcore (Earth Crisis), speed metal (Slayer), and death metal (Dismember) tendencies without taking a breather. I'm impressed. Even a small bit of doom metal styles are evident as the band cruises through some solid song writing and elaborate song structures. While my favorite track is the hardcore-edged "Disconnected", the root of the band's strength lies within the last two tracks ("Cosmic Sicko" and "Spiders Like To Hide") as they both show where the band may be headed. I reckon that with some really good studio time, this young band will be able to show the metal masses that they have what it takes to get far. They play good material that can only get better with the right care. Necrosis avoids following trends and plays diverse music with integrity.

Contact: Jacob Brendahl, Banegardsgaed 1, 11

(article published 5/2/1997)

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