Obscenus - _Nocturnus Exordio_
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 5)
What a shame that this is only 17 minutes long, for quality music fills this demo. As I mentioned in my concert review [see CoC #26], Obscenus mix doom, black, and some death into their sound, which also includes a violinist and backing female vocalist. All put together, Obscenus is an eight-piece band. The opening and closing atmospheric tracks achieve their purpose very well, and the second song shows much of what Obscenus are about. But it's the third track that stands out as the main event here. Sung in Portuguese, it shows how good Obscenus are at mixing a large array of influences and making it sound great. The keyboards remind me of Cradle of Filth at times, the violins made me think of My Dying Bride, the folk-ish clean vocal part is similar to Moonspell, and the use of female backing vox isn't a new idea either. But does that really matter? Add blackened vocals, good guitar work, and a good combination of fast, mid-paced, and atmospheric sections and, in the end, the fact is that it works, and this is one of the most professional-sounding demo tapes I have ever heard, and an exquisitely packaged one. The excellent violins, female vocals, and melodies clearly hint at Obscenus' very likely signing in the near future. In fact, if the violins and female chanting were taken away, Obscenus might still be a good band, but by no means so remarkable.

Contact: Rui Correia, Av. Antonio Borges, 2F Faja de Baixo

(article published 1/1/1998)

11/17/1997 P Azevedo Obscenus / Vertebra / Nympha Portuguese Potential Part I
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