Death Squad - _Death Squad_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
I don't know whether to really like this band (a duo comprised of Jared Drace and Joe Beninati) or write them off as some sad characters trying to write metal music. Well, to tell you the truth, besides the really bad sounding production of this 4-song demo, the music really isn't that bad. I tell ya, the production threw me off here as seeing this initially as crap. Low guttural vocals in the vein of Mortician burst from this demo tape with sludgy guitars and hard-hitting drums bringing up the rear. The music, for the most part, is fast doses of riffs and grunts/growls that effectively create some cool grooves and stop at nothing to bash our skulls repeatedly. This stuff is violently brutal at times and, much like Mortician, the lower tuned the guitars are and the poorer production is, the better it sounds. An adequate demo and a definite gamble for most metallers giving it a listen.

Contact: 290 Collins Ave. Apt. 3B, Mt. Vernon, NY, USA, 10552

(article published 16/10/1997)

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