Cromm Cruiach - _Cromm Cruiach_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
For the love of God (or should that be Satan?), I cannot find any bio or contact information from this band. Did we at CoC ever get one with this demo tape? Who knows? Anyway, whoever's band submitted us this tape for review, I'm sorry for not including an address but c'est la vie, eh? Onto the music of CC. While a lot of the music here is played very well, some of the instrumental pieces are pretty top notch, if you ask me, but where the band's style and sound begins to fade fast in the originality or awe-inspiring area is when the music incorporates death growls into the flow of things. Not good. The two just don't mix well. It's like Dream Theater or Rush trying to incorporate Obituary vocals. Um... NO! In any case, some may find this blend of styles in CC's music interesting - I'm not one of them. To be blunt with ya, I think the band has several talented performers that bring the sound up to the front. Too bad the vocals and lyrics can barely keep up with that level of musicianship.

(article published 14/7/1997)

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