Putrocorpse - _Bowel Chronicles_
by: Adam Wasylyk (0 out of 5)
I didn't know what mark I should give this demo. A two? A one? I decided on a zero (a first for me to give a demo) so people will know that I didn't give this demo pity-marks of any sort. Taking one look at the photo on this demo (guy with eyes popping out), I knew immediately that I was in store for a cheese-fest. Starting off with "Reversed Evacuation (intro)", this is by far the worst keyboard intro I have ever heard (on a demo or a CD). The following five tracks could be described musically as "under-produced Cannibal Corpse-wannabe death metal". Songs like "Death Rattle", "Morbid Fear of Death", and "Constipation" are laughable and also angering at the same time. C'mon guys, can't you think of anything original or interesting? I review enough bad death metal as it is, I don't need more of it! Again I could have given this one or two out of five for effort and brutality, but this is my stand against Cannibal Corpse clones and monotonous death metal. Sorry Putrocorpse, but you've become my sacrificial pig. No more time will be wasted on this fecal matter.

Contact: PUTROCORPSE, c/o Stucchi Marco, via Villa Paradiso 42

(article published 9/4/1997)

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