Eve of Mourning - _A Dark Serenade_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
This four-piece gothic/doom metal band hails from Staten Island, New York. The band's three-song demo is well-produced, flowing with angel-like violins and haunting guitar styles that help showcase atmospheric realms of creativity that shout out comparisons to My Dying Bride or maybe Anathema, but still manage to incorporate a doom metal sound with the growling vocals and thick guitar tones. There is also a gothic element to the band's sound as well. The thing I enjoyed most about this demo was that Eve of Mourning seemed to have worked real hard to produce a very vision-like sound and image with their music. The music releases many emotions and that caters to one's imagination when hearing it. The downside of this demo tape is that while the three songs included ("Drown Me To Infinity", "You Know Nothing", and my fave, "Numb") are well executed, it seems that we, the listener, are really not being given an honest look (or in this case, listen) to what the band really can do. The numbers are lengthy and the sounds are very similar and I felt that the lack of versatility of material on the demo tape seemed to keep the band in one frame of sound. I'm eager to hear what the band can do with a lengthier demo tape, but besides my quirks, I feel that Eve of Mourning have got an interesting sound worth looking out for.

Contact: EVE OF MOURNING, c/o Mike Montalbano "Attn: Eve of Mourning"

(article published 2/1/1997)

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