Carnal Sickness - _Blood Disrepulsion_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
Death/grind enthusiasts Carnal Sickness from Woodbridge, Ontario play early Carcass-influenced music that is actually mildly entertaining to listen to. Songs like the gurgling intro "Manifestation of Corporeal Putriscine", "Necrophilic Incest in B flat", and "Buckets of Festering Foetal Abortions" have the low/high vocals, the occasional grinding bass, the fast snare blasts and speedy double bass. It's basically what you've come to expect from any death/grind band. The production here isn't as terrible as I had originally thought, as it never gets too muddy but there is a lot of room for improvement. The band should also experiment more to come up with their own sound as they after awhile sound like any of the countless bands you or I have heard. If you're into Blood Duster/early Carcass, then Carnal Sickness you will surely like.

Contact: CARNAL SICKNESS, c/o Fabio Chirco

(article published 2/1/1997)

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