Phycus - _Sonderkommando Now_
by: Adrian Bromley (0 out of 5)
First off, I spelled this band's name wrong last time I reviewed their full-length release _Brainmower_. It is Phycus not Psycus. Continuing on in the same vein as their last release with heavy NIN, Skinny Puppy, and Ministry sounds and influences, _Sonderkommando Now_ remains pretty much the same style as _Brainmower_ except for the fact that the band has somewhat darkened their visions a bit more and become a bit more experimental with sounds and samples. The album has a lot going on within it but at the same time seems to have too much going on within it. There seems to be no real pattern of sound and direction, and at times, the listener is thrust back and forth into realms of darkness and warped ideas. But maybe that is the plan? Songs like "Zero Years," "Metal Mantra", "Mental Illness", and "You're Killing Me" come off as disfigured concoctions of sounds and ideas but in many ways pleasing to the ear. Regardless of my dislikes (a few small things) of this release, I still believe this band to be one of the few of its genre in Canada making music that can not only sound good but really disturb you at the same time.

Contact: MUSICUS PHYCUS, P.O. Box 55083, 240 Sparks St.

(article published 18/11/1996)

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