Jim Studnicki - _The Second Day_
by: Brian Meloon (2 out of 5)
Jim Studnicki comes from Florida, and was able to convince Shawn Malone and Sean Reinert (both ex-Cynic) to play on this demo. As you'd expect, the playing is good, but unfortunately too restrained, and the songs aren't very interesting. A late 80s metal/hard rock feel permeates the demo, and there's a general dated sound to it. The three songs all have a different feel, so I'll give them individual attention. "Ensnared" starts out okay, but goes downhill after the singing starts. The guitar riffs bring to mind the late 80s hard rock/metal style, and the vocals added on top caused the word "Dokken" to pop into my head. I think the vocalist is the weak point of the whole demo. His voice is too whiney, and gives the demo an overly commercial feel that it wouldn't otherwise have. The title track follows, and this is the worst song on here. It's a soft acoustic number, which reminds me a lot of Dream Theater's "The Silent Man", or for that matter any of a number of similar songs. I can't find anything interesting in this song, as much of it (and especially the ending) are very cliche. Closing off the demo is the best song, "Wolves", an instrumental that reminds me of Vinnie Moore's _Meltdown_ in the guitar leads and rhythm parts. There is a short but cool bass solo, and a few heavier parts, but this song doesn't really get off the ground either. I'll give Jim credit for playing music that isn't trendy, and for not trying to be the next "guitar god," but I just can't enjoy this.

Contact: Jim Studnicki, 13808 Lazy Oak Drive, Tampa, Florida 33613

(article published 18/11/1996)

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